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Farm and Animal Supplies

We have a variety of supplies to care for your animal as well as your farm.

Animal Care


Bathing & Grooming

Hoof Care

Polo Wraps

Bell Boots


Horse Treats & Toys


Salt and mineral licks/blocks

For The Rider orWorker

  • SSG Winter Ride N Ranch Gloves

  • SSG Winter Rancher Gloves

  • SSG Winter Gripper Gloves

  • MUD Split Leather Palm Lycra back Glove

  • Nylon Knit with Nitrile Dotted Palm Gloves

  • Lined Deerskin Insulated Gloves

  • Cowhide Lined Driver Thermal Gloves

  • Cold Weather Pigskin Leather Thermal Lined Gloves

  • Grabber Warmers Sweater Fleece Gloves


Coming Soon - slightly used Show Clothes! 

Pest Repellants and Control 

  • Absorbine

    • UltraShield Ex​

    • UltraShield Red

  • Farnam

    • ​Mosquito Halt

    • Equicare Flysect Super-7

    • Bronco

    • Dual Defense

    • Repel-X

    • Wipe

    • Equi-Spot

    • SWAT

  • Pyranha

    • Wipe N' Spray​

    • Zero-Bite®Natural Insect Spray

  • MannaPro Cut-Heal® Zonk It! Spray

  • Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray

    • Ready to use

    • Concentrate 

    • Wipes​

  • Animal Legends Flicks All Natural Essential Oil Horse Spray

  • Durvet

    • FlyRID ointment

    • Turnout Fly Spray

    • Power Fly Spray

  • Martin's Pystol Farm & Dairy Aerosol


Control & Traps

Stable & Farm


Manure Forks



Insect & Rodent Control


Stall Guards

Muck Tubs

Treat and block holders

Corner feeders

​Hay nets, bags, and racks

Lunge Whips

Horse Wear

Blankets & Sheets
  • Schneiders Blankets 

  • Tough -1 Sheets
    • ​various colors and sizes​

  • Roayl King One Ear Headstall with Silver Accents and Matching Reins        (​​Light & Dark Oil)


  • Roayl King Futurity Headstall with Silver Accents and Matching Reins (​​Light & Dark Oil)


Halters and Lead Ropes

(various sizes)

- Breakaway

- Leather Crown

- Leather Halters

- Leather Chain Leads

- Chain Lead Ropes

- Lunge Lines

Coming soon used horse tack, blankets, and sheets!
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